For the group show “Ghost Letter“

Recently, I increasingly use AI to generate images in the process of production. This is because I usually create paintings based on images taken from the Internet, and it is easy to experiment when I want to make a slight change or see a pattern.
AI is already being used everywhere in the world, whether we are aware or not. I am sure it is in the content you see today. When I think about it, I feel that my own thoughts, choices, and even the subjectivity of my own practice beyond that are being deprived little by little.
So I wondered if I could somehow resist AI. I wanted to show them something incomprehensible that would make them hold their hands.
I have previously depicted a wearable stuffed animal under the theme of what can be seen by hiding things. The stuffed animal which is the origin of the wearable stuffed animal is a substitute for an animal or character. A human being wears a stuffed animal inside and poses as a character. There is a grotesque perversion in wearable stuffed animals that injects a sense of vividness into something fictional. Here I sense a certain kind of humanity.
I then drew out a picture of the AI-generated image of the wearable stuffed animal. Looking at the completed picture, I felt it was like a proof photograph. It seemed to me that the emptiness of forcibly capturing the surface and identifying the individual, and the hollow image created by the AI, were connected by being made into a painting.


For the group show “Ghost Letter