Online exhibition “The Rise of Inside”

2022. 05


Thanks Eve Leibe gallery , ARTSIN SQUARE

”The Rise of Inside’’ is a show curated by Artsin Square presenting the works of young contemporary artists working on themes of intimacy and private life. Many of these pieces can be understood as self-portraits in a loose sense, allowing us to have a glimpse into the most intimate moments of these artists’ lives with direct and indirect references to their internal experience.

Artwork: Chris Minard, Here Comes the Rain Again, 2022 (detail) @chrisminardart



Braden Bandel @bradenbandel
Chris Minard @chrisminardart
Damien Cifelli @damien_cifelli
Darien Bird @darienbird
David Woodward @david_woodward
Hidetaka Suzuki @suzukihidetaka
Holly Keogh @hckeogh
J Carino
Jonathan Virginia Green @jonathanvirginiagreen
Julia Pomeroy @j.uliapomeroy
Rosina Rosinski @rosina.rosinski