Text by Sophie Arni for ArtConnect’s Artists to Watch ’21.

Hidetaka Suzuki stands out for his technical ability and purposefully minimal compositions.

The oil painting medium, known for its hyperrealistic tendencies and its technical difficulties, makes up for an interesting contrast to Suzuki’s choice of radically simple subject matter.

Whether it’s red peppers, such as in Red Basket, or a half-cut lemon, such as in Bomb, the viewer is left wondering what made these items so special for the artist to dedicate time to paint them. Suzuki doesn’t speak, he suggests.



Red basketのような赤ピーマンであれ、Bombのような半分にカットされたレモンであれ、見る側は作家が時間をかけて描くほどこれらのアイテムが特別なものであるのかどうか疑問に思うことだろう。



Sophie Arni / Curator